Our Beginnings

It all started in 2001, when I ordered, more by chance than by necessity, some neodymium magnets from a web shop in the US. These magnets caused great amusement and amazement amongst all my friends. Nobody had seen such absurdly strong magnets before.

When, at the end of 2002, a career move was in order, I decided to program a webshop through which I could sell these types of magnets. As a software engineer, I had already made quite a few purchases on the web and had encountered a lot of online shops and business processes that didn't work properly.

At the time, the chances of successfully completing an order and actually receiving the correct items as ordered and within the promised time frame were about 50%. Inquiries by e-mail were frequently answered with an unsatisfactory boilerplate response (if they were answered at all), and often nobody could be reached by phone either. Deliveries were rarely on time, products were suddenly not in stock, orders were lost, and so on and so forth. I pledged to myself to avoid all the mistakes I had encountered at other shops, to keep the website and the shopping process as simple as possible, and to answer each and every e-mail, if possible, within a few hours.

Since then, our team has grown rapidly, but we have remained true to the principle of a simple and easy-to-use website as well as first-class and personal customer care.

Today, many hours of overtime and over 2 million orders later, the numerous positive customer feedback seems to indicate that we are on the right track.

Sincerely, Matthias Ackermann, Owner


March 2023
Webcraft was founded 20 years ago. We are celebrating this anniversary in style!
August 2022
Our first Webcraft apprentice begins his training as an application developer.
December 2021
We break the record of 250'000 orders in one year.
October 2021
At our headquarters in Uster, we are again expanding the office space and now have an area of almost 1'600 m² available to us.
July 2020
cubeless.ch launches with 40 products.
January 2020
We received 2 million orders since the launch of our company.
February 2018
We expanded our office space at the Swiss headquarters by 400 m² to 1300 m².
November 2017
Webcraft has 50 employees by now.
December 2016
We break our record of 200'000 orders in one year.
June 2015
Webcraft GmbH Switzerland (private limited company) becomes Webcraft AG (public limited company).
February 2015
Webcraft employs 40 people by now.
August 2014
New logistics center and warehouse with approx. 2000 m².
January 2014
www.supermagnete.dk, www.supermagnete.fi, www.supermagnete.gr, www.supermagnete.pt and www.supermagnete.ro go online.
June 2013
We move into Weiherallee 11a in Uster. Now we have 900 m² office space.
March 2013
Webcraft GmbH (Switzerland) turns 10. Anniversary celebrations are held.
January 2013
www.supermagnete.at goes online.
January 2011
Subsidiary company Webcraft GmbH with registered seat in Gottmadingen, Germany, is founded. All EU customers are supplied by Webcraft GmbH (Germany).
September 2010
Webcraft employs 25 people by now.
January 2009
www.supermagnete.be, www.supermagnete.es, www.supermagnete.hu and www.supermagnete.nl go online.
September 2008
www.supermagnete.it goes online.
April 2008
www.supermagnete.fr goes online.
June 2004
Sheltered workshop Murghof takes over stocking, packaging and shipping.
March 2004
www.supermagnete.de goes online.
March 2003
Webcraft GmbH (Switzerland) is founded.
January 2003
www.supermagnete.ch goes online.