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The Swiss company Webcraft AG with headquarters in Uster was founded in 2003 by Matthias Ackermann, who was joined by business partner Reto Heygel a year later. Their goal was to develop and utilise their own e-commerce solution. The Swiss online shop launched the same year the company was founded and started to sell strong magnets of all kinds. Just one year later,, the online shop for Germany, went live. Gradually, additional languages and supermagnete domains for other countries followed. In 2011, the German subsidiary company Webcraft GmbH was founded with headquarters in Gottmadingen, near the Swiss border. From then on, all EU customers were supplied by Webcraft GmbH. Based on the success of the supermagnete shops, the assortment, warehouse space and number of employees grew steadily over the years. Today, supermagnete has become the most successful online supplier of magnets in all of Europe. Since 2020, Webcraft has also been operating the online shop, which specialises in selling speed cubes and combination puzzles.

Webcraft can best be described as a hybrid of information technology and commercial enterprise. Thanks to the in-house IT department, the online shop and order fulfilment process are tailored to match the needs of Webcraft. Customer service team members provide comprehensive, fast and friendly support for customers. In addition to IT and customer service, the procurement, marketing, human resources, accounting and office management departments are also located in Uster.

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