About us

Webcraft is the company behind the successful online shops supermagnete.com, cubeless.ch and qbendo.ch. It all started in 2003 with the aim of developing and utilising our own e-commerce solution, and the online shop of supermagnete.ch was launched the same year the company was founded. Other languages and new supermagnete shops for many European countries followed. These days, supermagnete has come to epitomise strong magnets and has established itself as the market leader for online retail of magnets in Europe.

From 2020 onwards, Webcraft’s e-commerce solution has also been used for cubeless.ch. At this online shop, customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein can buy a wide variety of speed cubes and combination puzzles. The latest addition to Webcraft is qbendo.ch, an online shop selling cable ties in various designs since 2023.

Webcraft has grown steadily since the company's inception and now employs around 60 people at the two locations in Uster (Switzerland) and Gottmadingen (Germany). The in-house IT department tailors the online shop and order fulfilment process to match the needs of Webcraft and our customers. A sizeable customer service department offers comprehensive and competent support to corporate and private customers shopping at supermagnete, cubeless and qbendo. Also making sure that everything runs smoothly are the procurement, marketing, human resources, accounting and office management departments.